• The ICFAI University,  Tripura

Faculty of Law

Moot Courts

The Faculty of Law believes that the moot courts and mock trials play vital role in the learning curve of a law student by building a bridge between the theoretical learning and application of law. Moot Courts, part of clinical legal training, equip the students to gain practical experiences, improve analytical reasoning, legal aptitude, and presentation and communication skills.
They are the path-setters for augmenting professional excellence and sharpened advocacy skills. The moot courts help in understanding bar and bench relationship. They instill the court-hall techniques, gesticulations, processes and disciplines among the students.
The Faculty of Law internalizes the moot court process into the curriculum throughout the program as it strongly feels that moot courts helps the students in understanding the requirements of clients and courts in the real life situations. A student is made to learn the legal issues associated with the case and prepare the briefs and arguments. The mock trials help in understanding the requirements of the clients and prepare a direction.

The Faculty of Law recognizes that the legal education with the help of moot court participation stimulates the learning zeal of students. It also consider that the moot courts are significant tools in the hands of law students, it strives the students put them into optimum use with commitment under the supervision and guidance of the faculty. The students are made into groups and the responsibility to train them is given to faculties so that one to one interaction and opportunity for correction is provided. Student level courts and arbitration centers are formed to resolve the disputes arising among the students themselves. Training in moot courts, mock trails are considered as continuous process and students are nominated to national and international moot court competitions.