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Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program is undertaken after the second and fourth semester of each program and is faculty-supervised. The Summer Internship Program will equip the students with practical application skills relevant to various situations. The Summer Internship Program is an attempt to bridge the gap between the professional world and the academic institutions. It is a simulation of the real work environment and enables students to experience the rigors of a professional organization.


  • To provide students with opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom to real life situations.

  • To sensitize students to the nuances of a workplace by assigning time bound projects in a company.

  • To provide students a platform to work and develop a network which will be useful to further their career prospects.

For MCA Program

Summer Internship Project (SIP) I
The students are required to do SIP at the end of first year. The SIP will be a project done in the campus with guidance from the faculty which helps the student to apply theory to practical solutions.

Computer Application Project/Internship II
All students undertake the Computer Application Project (CAP)/Internship II during the third year of the program, in the sixth-semester.

CAP is a semester long research project undertaken during the sixth semester and focuses on practical training in software development. The objective of CAP is to provide students an "On-the-Job Training" opportunity through involvement in a real-time project.

CAP requires students to pursue a detailed project in the specific company in the areas of computer software and hardware through a specially designed project. This is supplemented by literature survey and library research. Students are expected to study and analyze the IT initiatives of the company in addition to the company's operations, and then develop a software solution for the company.

The students will be guided and evaluated continuously by a faculty member of the University and a senior executive from the organization, who acts as a mentor.

Industry Interaction: The University consciously encourages industry interaction with a wide cross-section of professionals in the industry. Summer projects, Internship, industry interaction programs, seminars, etc., organized in association with the industry offer students an opportunity to exhibit their organizational and communication skills, analytical abilities and awareness of contemporary issues to leading recruiters.