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Alumni - Testimonials

Alumni - Testimonials

Name: Miss. Monika Laiphrakpam
Program: B.Tech
ID NO. : 06ATEC028
Present Position: Information Analyst, Hindustan Unilever Industries Pvt. Ltd

My current position: I am working in Hindustan Unilever Industries Pvt. Ltd. as an Information Analyst (Team lead) in Bangalore.

HUL rank number 4th in the India’s most respected company list ahead by TCS, Reliance and Infosys.

My ICFAI engineering life Experience: My memories of the campus life at ICFAI University Tripura are the most wonderful and precious till now. The time we spent in class room, hostel, library, and laboratory and yes off course, the dance practice sessions for the carnival cultural show, were really awesome!!!!

Time has gone so fast and I am hardly able to realize, how these 4 years of my ICFAI Engineering life has been completed. But now, I can proudly say that “Yes I am an ICFAIN” from where I have learnt to make a stand in this corporate world and compete with others.

I would really like to thank all my teachers and the non-teaching staff, who really devoted themselves in making us successful. The teaching skills that my faculties have applied, the way they motivated and encouraged us is really worth mentioning. The facilities and infrastructure of the University is so well equipped that I never felt deprived of anything. I thank the University and all others for being a part of my life.

ID NO. : 07ATEC078
Present Organization: RESERVE BANK OF INDIA

Just like any other engineering aspirant, it was my dream to study in a college that will not only give me in-depth knowledge but also provide a solid platform on which we can build our career. ICFAI with its apt course curriculum and dedicated faculty & fine infrastructure, works in the right direction.

After Joining Reserve Bank of India (RBI), many a times I have come across the question that how an engineering graduate like me ended up working in a Bank. To answer this particular question, I always tell them that, I believe a person can’t defy his destiny. May be it was my destiny to work in the pinnacle of Indian Banking System, i.e. RBI and having achieved this feet it’ll be unjust if I don’t acknowledge the contribution of ICFAI University, Tripura in it. May be, I will not find any use of my core engineering knowledge at my work now, but ICFAI has also taught us to create our identity in whichever field we are in, and that confidence remains with us & help us in becoming better human beings.

Name: Mr. Amit Baran Ghosh

Program: BBA & MBA
ID NO. :11ATPA033
Present Position: District Co-ordinator (Dhalai, Tripura), Tripura Rural Livelihood Mission (TRLM), Rural Development.

About The ICFAI University Tripura (IUT): Life is all about choosing the right option. Now I feel ICFAI University Tripura was indeed the right option for me. Apart from books and studies, the five year span of education at ICFAI University Tripura, helped me in understanding my strengths and simultaneously gaining knowledge regarding the purpose of life. This was only possible because of all my faculty members, who devoted their time and effort every time to bring a positive change in our personality and thought process. I also acknowledge the support extended by my family and Priyanka (my friend) in choosing ICFAI University Tripura as my alma mater. I shall always cherish the “Golden Era (2008-2013)” of my life.

Name: Mr. Alok Bardhan
Program: MBA
ID NO. : 10ATUA057
Present Position: Assistant Manager, HDFC Bank Ltd.

“I had passed a great time at ICFAI University, Tripura. Today I am here only because of this university. The Faculty Members here have a transcendence experience in teaching. They taught us with real life illustrations which was very helpful in learning our lessons and also to develop practical understanding of the real corporate life. Especially, the faculty members of Marketing were very good. The ICFAI University, Tripura gave me a lot in terms of knowledge, guidance and opportunities. I will forever recall my ICFAI University Tripura days, with pride.”

Name: Mr. Papan Banik
Program: BBA & MBA
ID NO. : 11ATPA003
Present Position:
Sales Coordinator, TATA Finance.

“I have wonderful experience with ICFAI University Tripura which I will cherish for long. I have learnt lot of things from this University like discipline, presentation skills and professional attitude, which makes me feel confident and successful in the present days. One of the most important things that I have found here is, all faculty members along with students are very cooperative and supportive. If someone is in need or facing difficulty, all irrespective of profile, will help him/her to overcome from that problem. I am also thankful to Sudip Sir for providing me the exposure to the corporate world. Last but not the least; ICFAI University Tripura is the best university from where one can learn something valuable which will immensely help him/her in future. Salute to ICFAI University Tripura.”

Name: Mr. Sanjiv Chakraborty
Program: MBA
ID NO. : 11ATPA041
Present Position: Manager Support Staff, Tripura Info BPO

“Being a student of ICFAI University Tripura under the Faculty of Management Studies, I feel proud that I was a part of it. ICFAI changed me 360degrees from an average person to a successful professional. Coming from a Bengali medium school, I joined this university in the year 2008 in BBA Program. After completion of the Program, I personally could feel the difference of who I was, and what I became after pursuing it. Without being a part of ICFAI University Tripura, it is very difficult for anyone to understand and judge the progress, level of confidence, behaviour & professional growth that the university can bring in you. After graduation, some friends and relatives did encourage me for higher studies outside Tripura. But as I feel the same as my parents do, that if quality education and opportunities are available at my home state, what is the need of spending huge amount of money for studying outside? Therefore, in 2013, I completed my MBA in Marketing & Finance from ICFAI University, Tripura again. After completion of Masters it was high time to prove myself in the real, hard, practical and professional Corporate World, but I did have a strong level of confidence along with conceptual knowledge that I gained from this University. I had a better chance than many who were educated in other institutes and even those who have spent huge amount in pursuing education from outside the State. Within 18 days, I was appointed by Suzuki Motor Cycle as a Networking Manager for Guwahati Division. After 6 months I got another offer from a giant company i.e Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. as Marketing & Sales Coordinator for Tripura & Upper Assam. After that, I got the 3rd opportunity as a Manager in ‘Tripura Info BPO Services’. I got this post for my strong communication skills which I have learnt and developed from ICFAI University Tripura. Last but not the least, I show my gratitude to the university and its lovely environment. Thanks to the experienced, helpful & quality faculty members for making me what I am today. Thanks to the Management for availability of equipments needed for practical & professional growth.”

Name: Mr. Diptanu Saha
Program: BBA
ID NO. : 08ATUA058
Present Position: Bank Officer, Axis Bank Ltd. A.D Nagar Branch, Agartala

“While I studied in my beloved University - the ICFAI University Tripura, I realized that an institute can always distribute notes and deliver bookish knowledge, but ICFAI University Tripura believes in creating a cadre of highly proficient graduates in such a professional environment, that every student identifies himself as a confident and responsible individual. That is how, we become capable of accepting every challenge of the external world. Thank you ICFAI University Tripura for changing the lives of many others like me”.

Name: Mr. Suman Sarkar
Program: BBA
ID NO. : 09ATUA033
Present Position: Manager, Central Bank of India, Dibrugarh, Assam

“If today I am established, and have a wonderful career, 100% credit goes to our beloved university – The ICFAI University Tripura. There I have spent three valuable years of my life which have enlightened my life, taught me about ethics, values and that, there are no short cuts in life. I owe my career in banking fully to the University and its excellent faculties. I can easily state the difference between what I was prior to entering this prestigious University and what I have become right now after the professional atmosphere and sincere efforts of the dedicated faculty members. If today I am getting respect in my work place, it is because of the corporate environment that we had during our University days. I can say now that the environment at ICFAI University Tripura was a simulation exercise of corporate culture, and we have been trained in that way, so that we can adopt and manage the situation better than anyone else. And more over, when we talk to our seniors, we talk in confidence because of the inner strength that our university has given us. I thank all faculty members and specially our beloved University for helping us to reach such great heights.”

Name: Miss. Thingujam Nirmala
Program: B.Tech
ID NO. : 06ATCS004
Present Position: Flight Lieutenant, Indian Air Force

I was a student of ICFAI University Tripura and had a memorable time. What I always liked about my university, is the ‘Faculty Resource’. We had a good infrastructure and well qualified professors whom we could approach anytime. Since the university was regionally a bit aloof, I had less exposure to market which was again fulfilled by the ‘Internship’ facility provided by the university.

After working for sometime in Unilever, Bangalore, I joined Indian Air Force and got commissioned in the year 2011. Currently, I am serving as an aeronautical engineer in Indian Air Force. Though I was a computer science engineering graduate, I was provided with enough electronics knowledge during my 1st and 2nd semesters, which helped me fulfil my dream to reach great heights. Thank you ICFAI...and “Happy Landing” to all the Icfai-ans!

Name: Mr. Biplab Kumar Dey
Program: BBA & MBA
ID NO. : 11ATPB025
Present Position: Ph. D Scholar, NIT Silchar

About The ICFAI University Tripura (IUT): Small steps for big results. It takes someone special to be an educator; a person who cares for others and aims to help students grow to their fullest potential. And I have all my special guidance, motivation and inspiration from Icfai University Tripura, where I, one day stepped in with lot of dreams. In this journey, the unflinching love and efforts of my revered teachers made me a scholar. I shall remain ever grateful to my university, the milestone of success, for making me what I am today.

Name: Mr. Buddha Saha
Program: BCA & MCA
ID NO. : 10ATPB104
Present Position: Assistant Manager, AXIS Bank

“I have great memories of my years at the ICFAI UNIVERSITY, TRIPURA. Studying at the university brought an added value to my personal life too. What a great experience; a great atmosphere among teachers, pupils and team students. The university always creates a sense of ownership and pride in every student over what s/he has accomplished. Thanks to the quality of the courses and the professors .The small size of the classes allowed the use of better learning methods, which also implied a better atmosphere. I was able to find a job even before the end of my studies. That is why; I would always recommend ‘ICFAI University Tripura’ to anyone who is looking for a good private university. Currently, I am working at AXIS BANK LTD. as an ‘Assistant Manager’ and it is only possible because of all my learning from ICFAI University Tripura. Today, I feel proud and satisfied to be alumni of such a prestigious university.

Name: Mr. Ashok Kumar Majumder
Program: BBA & MBA
ID NO. : 11ATPA007
Present Position: District Coordinator , Tripura State Livilihood Mission, Govt. of India.

“I firmly believe that the years at ICFAI University Tripura are "the best years of my life". It is in this University, where I met my lifelong friends, scholarly but friendly faculties who are like guardians. At the very 1st day when I saw my University, my mind said "Wow"! During BBA, I was scared because a lot of positive things were happening for the first time in my life, for a small village guy like me it was a real big exposure. The specialty about ICFAI University Tripura was the strict schedule of classes, following well dress code, maintaining the decency, PPT presentations, GD, debate etc. For me it was the modern way of learning given by ICFAI University Tripura. And side by side, lots of cultural programs and sports were being held in events like ICARIA, ICTHALON, Fresher’s Welcome, Farewell etc which were excellent platforms for overall development and to showcase our extracurricular activities. The faculties were very experienced, friendly and always tried to give current examples from the corporate world while lecturing. I remember some of the faculty’s names like Sujit Deb sir, Sudip Bhattacharjee sir, Mousumi maam, Hassan sir, Sandipan sir, Raveesh Kutty sir, Rajib Mallik sir, Nirmalya Bhattacharjee sir and many more with respect and gratefulness. The relationship with the faculty members were beyond the class room. They are like my true friend, philosopher and guide. Sudip sir helped me a lot by giving links to face interviews with various companies, and that gave me valuable exposure. So, altogether it was an awesome experience with my university. Lastly, I would say that ' this University has helped me prepare myself for the real world both personally and professionally..... “respect you ICFAI University Tripura”.

Name: Md. Harsh Kavir
Program: B.Tech
ID NO. : 10ATEC013
Present position: Pursuing M.Tech in Environmental Engineering from NIT, Patna.

My experience in ICFAI University is possibly the most admirable moments of my life. Since my arrival in the university, my life has been full of excitement and inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies (civil engineering) through the knowledge given in the lectures and practicals in the laboratories. I have been inspired and guided by faculty members of my department and due to their support and encouragement I cracked GATE. Apart from studies, I got plenty of opportunities to develop my personality through various co-curricular, cultural and sports activities. In short, ICFAI University Tripura helped me to transform from a boy to a responsible man.

Name: Nachiketa Deb
Program: B.Tech
ID NO. : 07ATEC072
Present Organization: Accenture ISIS

It is not very often that I am lost for words in describing life experiences, but the four years spent in ICFAI University Tripura were so completely wonderful, that I find myself unable to articulate. It was a home away from home for me, where I could learn lessons not only in Engineering but also in life.

When we joined as aspiring Engineers, the University, in Agartala was in its infancy. There were a handful of teachers and only two engineering departments. We were few but most certainly a motley bunch. From day one I could perceive a sense of good faith emanating from faculty and staff alike towards us, and within no time we became like an extended family. The teachers paid attention to everyone individually and counselled us not only in academics but in our personal lives too. I would like to give them all the credit for all my success today.

Life in an Engineering college hostel, we have seen, has been the inspiration for countless bestselling novels. Many a pedestrian writer, have become rich and famous by doing that. I can assure the fact that I can top them all. The stories that I have preserved in memory are countless and to this day, bring a smile upon my face when I’m sad or low. We shared a bond of brotherhood, love. We were always united; rebellious together, studious together.

I truly cherish each and every moment spent there and if given a choice between fame and fortune and a chance to go back to being a student there, I would most certainly choose the latter.

Name: Mr. Bidyut Podder
Program: BBA
ID NO. : 09ATUA034
Present Position: Assistant Branch Manager, Central Bank of India, Duliajan, Assam

“I am really proud feeling that I was a student of ICFAI University, Tripura. It is this University which made me grow into an ethical and professional person. The University created a big opportunity in my life my arranging for the Campus interview and subsequently placement, directly to the Central Bank of India as a Manager! It was really a big opportunity that has changed my life and gave my career a big boost. ICFAI University Tripura family – yes ‘IUT’ to me is more like family with caring and well wishing faculty members whose guidance have changed my life forever. Thank you, faculties of IUT.”