Faculty of Special Education & Rehabilitation

The Faculty of Special Education & Rehabilitation of ICFAI University, Tripura is established to promote quality education, research, training and consultation in teaching with a global perspective to meet the challenges of the fast changing trends in the field of Special education.

FOSE&R of IUT offers M.ED Special Education (MR) ,B.Ed. Special Education (MR) and D.Ed Special Education (MR) and M.Phil in Clinical Psychology program. Faculty of Special Education & Rehabilitation aims at developing a new cadre of teaching professionals through a rigorous full-time program. It realizes the individual differences in teacher trainees and consequently attempts to provide specially designed training programs that will facilitate development of necessary abilities and skills in each teacher trainee special Education so that they will be able to meet the challenges of the competitive era ahead of them in the best way possible.

Special Education teacher trainee’s program structure prepares them for embarking on a fulfilling professional journey spurred by reflection and practices. Moving away from ‘show and tell’ to ‘learning by doing’, the course is skill oriented, and offers various opportunities of interaction with self, students, schools and communities. Every trainee has an opportunity to hone their skills by obtaining and synthesizing essential knowledge, principles and concepts from various disciplines and testing their validity in dealing with issues related to education.

As a professional institution of teaching, Faculty of Special Education & Rehabilitation has a responsibility to prepare qualified professionals in teaching and academic leadership. It is expected that the students seeking admission should accept the responsibility to adhere to the highest ethical standards and code of ethics prescribed by Faculty of Special Education.

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology Course is to prepare the trainee to function as a qualified professional in the areas of mental health. Due to increased stress in day to day life, mental health problems are rising and it is found in all strata of the society. Clinical psychologist, as mental health professionals helps in relieving an individual’s emotional distress by applying knowledge and methods from all fields of biopsychosocial sciences. Clinical psychologists use psychotherapy/behavior therapy and assessment methods to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate mental and physical disorders where psychological factors play a major role. Trainees of M.Phil Clinical Psychology requires training in the areas of Psychodianosis and intervention for the varied psychological disorders therefore they are posted in Modern Psychiatric Hospital, Narsingarh and ILS, Agartala for rigorous training for 4 days a week.

Approval from Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi

The M.Ed Special Education (MR), B.Ed Special Education (MR) and D.Ed Special Education (MR), Program of Faculty of Special Education, The ICFAI University, Tripura has been approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi vide letter no.-17-889/B.ED-SE-MR/15/RCI/7520 dated 20th October 2015,Letter no -17-892/D.ED-SE-MR/15/RCI/382, dated 4th November 2016, Letter no -17-892/M.ED-SE-MR/RCI/5061, dated 3rd July 2018 and Letter no -17-892/M.Phil.( Cl. Psy)/RCI/5060, dated 3rd July 2018.


  • To develop the profession of teaching on sound ethical lines through rigorous standards, certification and continuing special education.
  • To develop new-cadre of teachers who will be competent enough to meet the demands of future teaching-learning scenario.
  • To develop, nurture and maintain close inter-institutional relationship with other institutions interested in a similar effort from India and abroad.
  • To develop Special Education teachers/Educators for children with disabilities for various settings (including Inclusive, Special, Open School and Home Based Education).
  • To provide innovative teachers training program for both pre-service and in-service teachers.
  • To bring qualitative development in both pedagogical and epistemological areas of teacher education.
  • To prepare human resources to enable them to acquire knowledge and develop competencies and skills to impart education and training effectively to children with disability as well as all other children and this being teachers for all children.
  • To provide guidance in exploring new approaches to teaching learning situations.
  • To design and promote new teaching strategies for teacher in special education program.
  • To provide consultancy to Inclusive school management in both curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Diagnose mental health problems.
  • Conceptualize specific adult and child mental health problems within a psychological framework, giving due consideration to psychosocial/ contextual factors, and carryout relevant treatment/management.
  • Apply psychological principles and techniques in rehabilitating persons with mental health problems and disabilities.
  • Work with the psychosocial dimensions of physical diseases, formulate and undertake focused/ targeted psychosocial interventions.
  • Work with community to promote health, quality-of-life and psychological well-being.
  • Undertake research in the areas of clinical psychology such as, mental health/illness, and relevant societal issues viz. misconception, stigma, discrimination, social tension, gender construction, life style etc.
  • Undertake responsibilities connected with teaching and training in core and allied areas of Clinical Psychology.
  • Undertake administrative and supervisory/decision-making responsibilities in mental health area.
  • Provide expert testimony in the court of law assuming different roles.

Recent Initiatives

Resource cum Research Centre on Disabilities named as “Educational Lab” specially meant for the Children and young adults with special needs has been recently established within the campus of ICFAI University, Tripura.

In the Educational Lab, 55 children with special needs have been enrolled. These children come from 10-15 Km’s periphery of IUT. DDRC West Agartala referred the persons with intellectual disabilities to our Educational Lab for specialized services.

The type of services provided in the Educational Lab is one of it is own kind and probably the first time in Tripura, i.e. all services are catered by the well trained professional under single roof with the help of latest technologies and equipments.

Services provided in the Educational Lab are Assessment & Diagnosis, Early Identification and Intervention (for below 6 years), Behaviour Modification, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Speech Stimulation, Parents Training & Counselling, Vocational & Career Guidance for the Young adults with Special needs.

Apart from these services, liaison with the Govt and PSU are also maintained for ensuring the smooth service delivery to the targeted beneficiary. Through the number of sensitization programmes the community people are trained about the disability and its management strategies. Till date the FOSE&R department of ICFAI University Tripura, has conducted more than 10 such programmes in various blocks of West Tripura. Maximum number of parents is from rural area of Tripura, and they are living with these disabling conditions in their family, their poor economical status is the main hindrance stopping them from being not able to commute to the Educational Lab of ICFAI University Tripura on regular basis.

As these kind of service is totally new in Tripura and innovative in its own style, all strata and sections of society are welcome to visit the Educational Lab within the ICFAI University, Tripura for knowing the services and help us to make an “INCLUSIVE RIGHT BASED BARRIER FREE SOCIETY” need of the hour.