• DANCE‘Dancing is like dreaming with your feet. Don’t just see, feel your dreams’. Be it hip-hop or classical, solo or group, dance till the world surrenders before you. ICARIA gives you a platform and plenty of colossal prizes as memorabilia to your every paragon of movement. This season prove your insanity to the madhouse here @ICARIA. Dance in ecstatic joie di vivre.EVENTS: 1) Rhythm Divine – Group Dance 2) My Jig – Solo Impromptu Dance 3) Steps on Fire 4) Dumb Charades 5) Awesome Twosome
  • MEDIADo you wish to cast yourself into the shoes of those media moguls you admire always??? If so, then this module of ICARIA is exclusively for you. Make your own movie and convey your message to the world, get hold of your camera to click some rare charismatic moments that you always wanted to share or be a blanket reporter and showcase ICARIA in your own unique style. Explore your forte and let ICARIA 2K14 be a part of the adventure. And we promise we have something exciting for your efforts as well.EVENTS: 1) Pixelating perfect: The photography contest 2) Bioscope: The movie making contest
  • CHIASMUSDiscover your intellectuality; explore your wits and eloquence through this literary module. ICARIA2K14 provides you an open platform to showcase your creativity, groom your soft skills and sharpen your cognizance. Revamp your adroitness in this literary extravaganza like never before. Welcome to the world of prodigies…1) LOKMAT 2) Alfaaz 3) EXpresso 4) Just a minute 5) War of Wits: Debate 6) Breezy Brains: General Quiz 7) What’s the good word?

  • GAMINGIcaria dedicates this module exclusively to all the diehard gamers. Defend your title; secure your presence in your den. We let you challenge each other in your most comfort zone. From Counter Strike 1.6 to Chess, here is all. Just blow your horns and let your presence be felt.CYBER GAMING: 1) Counter strike 1.6 2) DOTA
  • Round n Round Campus MastiLive your life to the fullest. This module relieves your mechanical colossus from all the fierce competitions. Blame this if you get delivered yourself to your rejuvenated self. Be the best foodie, take the craziest challenge, bid to win, express your heart to your dear one and have loads and loads of fun to cherish. Be prepared to spoil yourself…. EVENTS: 1) Eatopia: Foodie goes Moody 2) Insane ICARUS: Take the Craziest challenges 3) Dangerous Crush
  • LOW COMMOTIONSThese are ICARIA’s greatest attractions, the Prima Facie. With every sunset, submit your soul to the tunes of Rock n Folk music, listen to the maestros of the entertainment world and get lost in your world of fantasy. Feel the Arabian flavour in the ramp, western in your feet and Indian in your heart. Get mesmerised, get inspired by the invincible….ATTRACTIONS: 1) Battle of Bands & Celebrity Night 2) Haute Couture: The Ramp Show
  • THE DIGITAL CIRCUS – DJ NIGHT The biggest magneto night of ICARIA, this will give you speedy whirls for sure. It is here that you surrender yourself to the prophecy of insanity. Burn the madhouse with the fire ignited by the DJs. Soar high up above the clouds with the wings of ICARUS…
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